What's Up

   Luncheon Meeting

  2nd Thursday of month

  11:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.
Reeves Uptown Catering

    $15.00 per member

$25.00 per non-member

(Checks payable to SWLBA)


Please ~ RSVP to
Kim at the SWLBA Office
         497-0090 or                exdir@swlabar.com


Family Law Section



Brad A. Guillory

Vice Chairperson

Randy Fuerst


B. Thomas Sheaa

The mission of the Family Law Section of the SWLBA is to provide continuing legal education to its members, provide input to the Court on its efficient operation, to encourage and seek improvements in alternative dispute resolution whenever possible and to foster and encourage close and cordial relationships between its members to reduce the stress of litigation on the litigants, its members and court personnel.