Committee Chairs

Access to Justice


Bench Bar Conference

Todd S. Clemons


Shayna Sonnier

Court Ceremonies


Melissa St.Mary

Family Law Section Officers


Brad Guillory


Randy Furest


B. Thomas Shea

Young Lawyers Section Officers


Elizabeth Fontenot Shea


Zita Andrus


Wesley Romero

Treasurer Brian Bradford

Immediate Past President

Adam Johnson

Southwest Louisiana Bar Association Standing Committees

Bar, Bench And Clerk Of Court Liaison

This Committee shall be responsible for maintaining and improving communication between the bench and bar, as well as continuing to foster a good relationship between the bench and bar.

Continuing Legal Education And CLE Seminars

This Committee shall coordinated educational opportunities for the members. This committee plans and executes programs in compliance with the mandatory rules of the Louisiana State Bar Association.

Lawyer Referral

This Committee shall assist the community of obtaining qualified legal services.

Legal Aid Liaison/Pro Bono

This Committee shall serve as liaison between the Bar Association and all organizations serving the civil legal interests of the indigent. This Committee shall help procure members to serve on the board of directors of such organizations, shall assist with any fund raising efforts, and shall undertake such other duties as are consistent with assuring quality civil representation to the indigent. Appointees to the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation are chosen from those who volunteer for the Legal Aid Liaison Committee.

Library & Archives

This Committee shall be responsible for supervising the Bar Association Library and for preserving for posterity the events, personalities, and records of the Southwest Louisiana Bar Association. The Southwest Louisiana Law Library is a public body funded by an assessment from court cost which decides what law books, journals and computer services to offer to attorneys, the legal community and the public, as well as the policies and administration of the library.

Major Programs/Law Day

This Committee shall arrange and supervise programs for meetings and coordinate activities to celebrate Law Day. Participate in planning events showcasing the legal system to middle and high school students. Also plan annual Law Day Ceremonies.

Medical/Legal Liaison

This Committee shall promote and improve the relationship between attorneys and medical professionals. Work with the Lake Charles Medical Society’s counterpart committee to enhance the working relationship between physicians and attorneys.


This Committee shall encourage and promote membership in the corporation, receive membership applications, and pass upon the qualifications of applicants. A broad a varied membership list makes for a strong and effective organization. Reach out to minorities, solo practitioners and the public sector to enhance our membership.

Membership Meetings And Special Events

This Committee shall be responsible for publicizing events of interest among the membership and the general public and for encouraging attendance at Bar Association functions.

Membership Services

This Committee shall be responsible for the annual ceremony memorializing deceased attorneys and recognizing newly admitted attorneys at the Fall Opening of Court ceremony, and for other such special programs as may be appropriate for achieving the needs of the members. The basic purpose of the SWLBA is member services. This vital committee provides conveniences attorneys need at the courthouses, publishes the Membership Directory and composite, prepares membership surveys and compiles results, maintains the roster of members, and handles media and public relations for the SWLBA.

Professionalism Grievance And Ethics

This Committee shall investigate alleged acts of misconduct and take appropriate action with respect thereto. This Committee shall also be responsible for monitoring public perception of the legal profession and for planking and implementing such actions as may contribute to a better public understanding of the profession. This Committee shall also be responsible for reviewing and suggesting ways to improve and expedite delivery of legal services to the community.

Our organization needs members to interact with the public, to encourage high professional standards, mediate disputes, and promote ethical practices.

The Sidebar

This Committee shall be responsible for assisting in the publication of the official journal of the corporation.

Other SWLBA Committees

Access To Justice

The main goal of this Committee is to help ensure access to the court for all citizens of Southwest Louisiana.

Charters And Bylaws

This Committee shall be responsible for updating the Articles and Bylaws, review elections procedures and certify votes for the annual election of officers.


The primary member get-together of the year needs creative ideas, and willing hands to develop activities all designed for the purpose of fun and relaxation.

Past President’s Council

If you are one of the former Presidents of the SWLBA please consider joining the Council that keeps our Bar Association’s history and advises the current leaders based on past experiences.

Public Involvement

The SWLBA promotes public acceptance by its members participating in community services such as youth activity sponsorship, McNeese State University speech debate, cultural and arts programs, and other civic minded endeavor.